I have been making some granny square blankets recently.

I had seen Mikey’s pattern for the never ending granny square but his pattern required an odd number of strands.  I wanted to use 2 colors.

I figured out how to modify Mikey’s pattern to use 2 colors and finished my first blanket, adding in a third color towards the outside.

I realized that the regular square granny square wasn’t ideal for a blanket.  When you got the blanket long enough it was too wide.  So I set about making a rectangular granny square.  I decided to work this out myself instead of search for a pattern.

Once I had my rectangular granny square pattern I took a look online for other rectangular patterns to compare.  I was happy to see that my pattern was as good if not better than those I found.  in particular, I think my central piece looks very close to how the center of a regular granny square looks:

So here is how I made it.


This pattern starts with a chain.  This length is important.  First you need to count the number of chain loops.  The chain must be in multiples of 4 then when you reach the desired length, add 2 additional chains.

For example the picture above I chained 8 (4×2) then added 2 for a total of 10.

The total length of the chain is important too.  If you make your chain 1 foot long then your finished blanket will always be 1 foot longer than it is wide.  If the chain is 2 feet long your finished blanket will always be 2 feet longer than it is wide.  If you want a 4 foot by 6 foot blanket, the chain needs to be 2 feet wide.

Here is my chain:

Here I have chained 12 (4×3) then added 2.  I have marked stitch 11 in the chain as this is where we will be making our first half-double crochet.  Note – make the first stitch in the chain a little tight.


Make a half-double crochet into stitch 11 (correction – 4 stitches from the hook).  Make sure when you crochet into the chain you have 2 loops on the top of the hook and 1 below.  Follow with 2 more half-double crochet in each of the next 2 stitches.

Chain 1 then  skip a stitch in the chain and half-double crochet into the next stitch, follow with 2 more half-double crochet in the next 2 stitches.

Continue this pattern down the chain.  If you counted your chain correctly, you should end up  after the last set of 3 half-doubles with no more chain:


We need to form the equivalent of a chain 3 loop on the end of the row.  To do this chain 2 then half-double crochet into the first stitch of the chain (the same place as the previous half-double).

Then chain 2 and TURN.

Put a further 2 double crochet into the space created then chain 2 followed by 3 more double crochet into the space.  This finishes the first corner.


Chain 1 then 3 double crochet into the first space that was created when we skipped a stitch down the half-double crochet line.  Finish up the line with chain 1 followed by 3 double crochet into each skipped stitch gap.

When you get to the chain 3 loop at the other end.  Finish up the 3 double crochet in the last skipped stitch gap, chain 1 then 3 double crochet into the chain 3 end loop.  Chain 2 followed by 3 double crochet into the same loop, chain 2 followed by 3 double crochet in the same loop.  This completes 2 more corners:

Chain 1 then work 3 double crochet into the skipped stitch space down the other side until you end with 3 double crochet in the loop at the opposite end.

At this point you could finish the corner like a traditional granny square and continue in a new row around.  I am going to add in the second color at the top of the chain 2.  DO NOT cut your first color but pull out a big loop so nothing comes unraveled.


Create a slip stitch in your second color, slide your hook through the top of the chain 2, attach the slip stitch, pull through then pull both strands through the slip stitch.  Tighten this stitch down.

I like to leave a long tail when attaching my second color then working the tail and the working yarn together until the tail is used up.

Chain 2 followed by 3 double crochet into the corner space.  Chain 2 then 3 more double crochet in corner.  Chain 1, 3 double crochet in next space.

The pink can continue around following the regular pattern of a granny square except that you will not have to join or chain again; just keep going around.


The loop we created by chaining the pink after attaching it will act as the “corner” for the PURPLE yarn.  With the PURPLE yarn chain 1 then work 3 double crochet into the pink chain loop.  Chain 2 then 3 more double crochet into the pink loop.